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To paraphrase the famous master of photography, Henri Cartier Bresson, "only through the eye, the heart and thought we can capture the decisive moment". My task is commissioned in images; that moment where the souls and the objects are stripped down and robbed of everything so that they are displayed to be as they are, in all their fullness and in perfect harmony with the environment that surrounds it.

For more than 10 years I have worked in film and television. I have developed several projects in the field of video creations, playing multiple roles such as director, producer, camera operator, sound technician and editor, among others. Having worked in various countries on world-class events for different clients, I have a proven vision of the audiovisual market and its technical and aesthetic tendencies.

Look with the eyes of a child, feel with the force of love ... and just think about, if your heart has not provided a solution.

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